About our ohana

Kainoa. He was a son, a brother, and a friend to so many. He was a caring, generous, funny, unique young man who was quick to bring a smile to anyone who needed a little support. He always rooted for the “underdog.” Kainoa loved the water; lakes, rivers and especially oceans. He enjoyed hiking to explore unique places. He loved to play football, go snowboarding and surfing. 

He struggled for years with an addiction to opioids. First hidden then apparent. While in recovery, he struggled to make the next step to progress. Kainoa’s Ohana was formed by his mother, father, and lifelong friends after he lost his life to the battle of addiction while in recovery. 

This foundation is established in the memory of Kainoa, through our program we extend our support and friendship, which is the way we raised our son, and the way we continue to honor his life.